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ASU Has Changed My Life

Joe Munoz has been involved with the city of San Angelo and the community for several years. Currently, Munoz holds the title of Senior Executive Assistant to the President and General Counsel at Angelo State University. Conexión had the opportunity to speak to Joe Munoz about his life, career, and service to the community.

“Angelo State has changed my life and my family’s life, there are 7 of us that went through Angelo State,” commented Munoz. Munoz’s parents encouraged education very much and made it a priority. His mother was a community agent, as it was called in the early years at Reagan Elementary School. Mrs. Munoz encouraged her children to get involved. “She always said give something back, because if people opened doors for you, now you owe the people coming behind you,” stated Joe Munoz.

“It’s an honor, to have attended ASU and now hold my current position,” commented Munoz. Not only does Munoz serve in his title position but he has also been teaching for 23 years. He has worked under for presidents at ASU. The current President is Dr. Brian May. “Dr. May really invests in and takes care of the employees and in turn he expects us to take care of the students. He is a great leader; trusts my work and supports everything that I do,” stated Munoz. For 7 years in a row ASU has been voted one of the best universities to work for. That speaks very highly of the university and especially about the leadership. “I am very proud of the faculty and staff we have here,” commented Munoz.

Joe Munoz sits on several boards in the community including serving as Board Chair for the United Way, the Legal Aide Advisory board and the Baptist Memorial Foundation. Munoz expressed his appreciation for the support of his wife and daughter as well as his brothers and sisters. “It is an honor to be able to serve the community. It is a labor of love,” concluded Munoz.

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