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ASU is virtually open and plans to resume fall activities

Conexion San Angelo Newsroom

Despite COVID-19, Angelo State University (ASU) is virtually open for all online classes.

According with Angie Wright, ASU Interim President, the university staff is preparing a pilot program with a facility group to plan to open again the campus educational activities.

“We expect returning to campus this fall,” said Wright. “During the meantime we need to make sure all our buildings and grounds are ready to welcome back our students and personnel. We are all in this together facing all challenges.”

She became the ASU Interim President after the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents accepted the resignation former president Brian May abruptly who left his post last April without explanation.

“As the Interim President I’m overseeing all the strategic plans and the conduction of business of the University,” said Wright. “I have been with the university for little bit over 29 years.”

Wright said that graduation for this year is considered for August 15 but because of all government restrictions it is too soon to schedule an exact date.

The Interim President also said that there is a committee looking for a replacement of a permanent ASU President position.

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