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EnPleinAir celebrates local artists with Block Party

Conexion San Angelo newsroom, Jim Sánchez

Left-to-right: Jonell Richardson, and Debbie Carroll were two of nine local artists honored at “Celebrating San Angelo’s Own Plein Air Artists” Block Party hosted by the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.

SAN ANGELO – 2022 ElnPleinAir Texas Ambassador Artists, Debbie Carroll, and Jonell Richardson were one of nine artists invited to the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Block Party held in their honor to celebrate local artists’ work.

One of Carroll’s acrylic canvas paintings on display was “Skirting the Storm.” How did you come up with the title on “Storm? “We travel to New Mexico a lot and one of the things that I love when you're out in those big wide-open spaces is how you can see the rainstorms coming in.”

Carroll entered the “Storm” painting in the 2020 ElnPleinAir competition. Another one of her paintings also entered in the competition, titled, “Hayfield” was purchased by the SAMFA. And, for good measure, Debbie took home one Judge’s Choice Award when she competed in the quick draw competition.

Debbie’s good friend and fellow artist, Richardson’s oil and linen painting titled, “Oil and Shade” was inspired from her love of the west Texas scenery with the contrast of the cactus and cedars look.

“We, all the local artists are being honored here as our artwork is being showcased” stated Richardson.

Both Carroll and Richardson were honored with other local artists at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Block Party in honor of the 10th anniversary of EnPleinAirTexas. EnPleinAirTEXAS’ annual competition will be held on October 20-28, 2023.

The artwork exhibit held on Friday, June 23, 2023 through July 9, was shown in the Coop Gallery and Gallery Verde, 427 Oakes Street.

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