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Gov Abbott issues encourages all to stay home during an election

By Anthony Gutierrez

Moments ago, Governor Greg Abbott issued a statewide order requiring masks for all Texans, with a few exceptions.

Included in Governor Abbott's order was a strong recommendation for everyone to stay home unless absolutely necessary to leave their home.

This comes as Texas nears the end of the first week of early voting for our primary runoff elections. Election Day is July 14th.

Following is a statement from Anthony Gutierrez, Executive Director of Common Cause Texas:

"Issuing the mandatory mask order and encouraging everyone to stay home is the right thing to do right now, considering the mess we're in. But the right thing to do months ago to avoid this very easily foreseeable mess was to allow all Texans to vote by mail so that no one would now find themselves having to choose between voting and endangering their health.

Our Governor and Secretary of State have thus far failed when it comes to adapting our election systems in a pandemic, but it's not too late to get it right for November."

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