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Healthcare Workers get 1,250 goodie bags

Conexión San Angelo, Jim Sánchez, contributor Mayor Brenda Gunter and other City of San Angelo officials were on hand to say thank you to front-line workers such as nurses and doctors. Five Walmart Stores, also Sam’s Club, donated 1,250 goodie bags to those essential workers on Thursday, December 10, 2020.

SAN ANGELO – “Thank you very much” followed by actions makes it so more meaningful for front-line essential workers, such as nurses, doctors, etc.

Walmart showed its’ support both with words and actions when 1,250 bags were donated by five local Walmart stores, including Sam’s, Club which tag-teamed to show its appreciation for those fatigued, yet courageous workers.

“When you give somebody snacks, food, and drink that’s a great way to say, ‘Thank you very much,” said Mayor Brenda Gunter.

“We appreciate what every essential worker does a day in and day out,” said Kati Hampton, Walmart store manager at 29th St.

Sarena Salvato, RN Nursing Float Pool Coordinator, at Shannon Medical Center was so appreciative of what the Walmart Stores and City of San Angelo did for her and the other healthcare workers. “Just knowing that they are there to support us.” To do something for us at the hospital and all the outlying areas is just so generous.”

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