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House of Faith 25-year Anniversary

Kevin Reynolds, Executive Director House of Faith spoke to Conexión about their 25-year anniversary event that will take place on August 24th at the San Angelo River Stage. This event will be a free to the public. It will consist of a Family Festival and free concert.

“I am very humbled to have been a part of House of Faith for so long,” commented Reynolds. When House of Faith started, Kevin was working at Juvenile Probation, dealing with youth that struggled with drugs, alcohol, and gangs, during this time Reynolds saw a need in the community. “That was how God got my attention and pointed me in the right direction to start something in the community for the kids,” commented Reynolds. The plan was to reach the children when they were young so that they would not end up in places and situations like Juvenile.

The program started in the back yard of a home in the barrio with a group of elementary school children, now they have programs for youth and families. “The children became a doorway to the whole family,” commented Reynolds. There is one child that Kevin recalls working with when he was in elementary school. The child’s name was Michael. Reynolds became an important male role model in Michael’s life. As the child grew, he took part in several House of Faith programs. Eventually, he became part of the staff. Recently he has moved on as Head youth minister at a local church.

The Family Festival will be held in the Old Neff’s area and the concert at the River Stage. “This is not a fundraiser, it is a way to celebrate what God has done in San Angelo and also a way to express our gratitude to the community and all of the many people that have volunteered and have given their financial recourses to make House of Faith happen,” commented Reynolds.

He also expressed his appreciation to Conexión for its many years of service to this community. “You have become my friend, we can talk about the lord and your boys which are also very dear to me,” expressed Reynolds to Gregorio Gutierrez, CEO of Conexión.

House of Faith has been a great and exciting experience, but that experience has been second to knowing and following God. “Look to Jesus for yourself, your family and your business, because he is good and faithful. He always looks out for us,” concluded Reynolds.

For more information about House of Faith please contact the office at 325-486-8637 or

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