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Howard College to host an Open House to Introduce Future Students to Program Opportunities

Howard College

Kaitlyn Brosh, Director of Student Life, Marketing, and Outreach

Howard College is excited to host an Open House on Friday, April 1 between 10:00am and 2:00pm. Program leaders for Health Professions and Career Technical Education programs like Criminal Justice, Information Technology, HVAC/R and others will be hosting tables featuring fun activities related to their fields to showcase their areas and stimulate interest in their programs.

We encourage learners of all ages and levels to attend the event and learn about the career training possibilities that are awaiting them at Howard College. Tours will be given every half hour beginning at 10:30am and will include a visit to the new Builders of San Angelo Workshop, the Cosmetology Salon, and the new Electrician Training Program space. Admissions, advising, and financial aid advisors will also be on hand to help students complete their next steps to getting started.

“Whether a student needs to complete their GED, wants to start a new career, or is ready to upskill for a promotion in their current field, Howard College has a place for you!” said Pam Callan, Executive Dean.

This event will also a be great opportunity high school students to learn about programs they might be interested in, so they can start taking prerequisite dual credit classes while in high school.

It is never too early, or too late, to take that first step.

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