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Outdoor School Highlights Self-Defense Demo

Conexión San Angelo newsroom, Jim Sánchez

Jim Tharp tag-teamed with Outdoor School Instructor, Leah Burchfield to give a general session to kids on self-defense.

SAN ANGELO – Jim Tharp was stopped in his tracks by Leah Burchfield when she took her defensive position with a palm strike bringing full force, attempting to drive the nose into his brain which could have led to death.

Tharp who was invited to give kids a general session on self-defense, tag-teamed with Burchfield, instructor at

The Outdoor School as both went through a demonstration for the seven children in attendance. Burchfield also stated when an adult comes after a child was for him or her to drop down, trip them, then get up and run; or yell for help.

The person in charge of the School is Robin Pullman, also founder of It Takes A Village, a nonprofit organization. For info on both organizations, contact her at 325-315-1674. Pullman’s vision in establishing the School was to “unplug the kids from television, video games and get them involved in science, art, nature, in learning the world around them via their five senses.”

The self-defense session was held outdoors on Unity Church of Christianity’s property located at 5237 Bryant Blvd.

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