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Revitalize and Promote Downtown San Angelo

Conexion San Angelo News Room 

Mrs. Monica Ramos has been associated with Downtown San Angelo (DSA), Inc. since March 2019. She currently holds the position of office manager assisting the executive director as needed.

“I am very blessed for having such position, specially being a Latina,” said Monica Ramos. “It’s an interesting job to revitalize and promote with my marketing skills the San Angelo downtown area.”

DSA is a non-profit, dedicated to the revitalization and preservation of historic downtown San Angelo and promote economic growth and tourism in the downtown area. Through the hard work and dedication of the DSA staff.

“Our missions and values are history preservation because you learn to appreciate where you came from, and how it changed” said Ramos. “People, now, can continue in making a difference and keep it going.”

Monica Ramos obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Angelo State University and decided after graduated to stay in the city because the tranquility and family ambiance, almost no crime and traffic congestions that other major Texas cities do not have.

“I like that relationships of hometown feel,” Ramos said. “San Angelo is such a beautiful area, where you have a family and have things to do.”

After joining DSA, Monica has been more actively involved in the community and has become a member of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce extension- Concho Cadre. She would like to see continued economic growth within the area and hopes to achieve DSA’s goal of the development of future downtown living.

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