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Rosemary Wreath Symbolizes Strength, Remembrance

Among the members in attendance at People Plant Connection’s monthly meeting was Cathy Irons, a master gardener. The meeting was held on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 416 S. Oakes St.

Conexión San Angelo/ Jim Sánchez, contributor/ Jim Sanchez, Photos

SAN ANGELO – Salvia Rosmarinus, a woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen, was front and center at Thursday afternoon’s monthly meeting of People Plant Connection.

Rosmarinus, more popularly known as Rosemary gets a lot of attention during the holidays, particularly at Thanksgiving and Christmas as it used to make wreaths.

Susan Stanfield, founder of the nonprofit organization, PPC, located at 416 S. Oakes St. held a two-hour class on how to make rosemary wreaths for the upcoming holidays. “We mostly think about wreaths during the holidays.”

Rosemary wreaths are also vividly seen during other special occasions such as Easter, Fourth of July, Veterans Day. But predominately the majority of the time around Thanksgiving and Christmas. “Rosemary wreaths represent strength, everlasting life, and remembrance” per

For Stanfield this evergreen rosemary wreath represents a joyous holiday, Christmas. Susan likes to decorate her wreath with bells, reindeer and put Merry Christmas on it “to make it very jolly” she concluded.

For those who are interested in making their own wreath, the following six items are needed.

  • Wire cutters

  • Scissors

  • Rosemary bush sprigs

  • Wire wreath frame

  • Green floral wire

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