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San Angelo ISD Unveils Plan to Distribute iPads to Students and Staff

During the July Regular Board Meeting, San Angelo ISD’s Assistant Superintendent of

Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Jana Rueter, unveiled a digital learning environment plan to

distribute iPads to every teacher and student. The inclusion of innovative technologies within

our everyday learning practices directly correlates with the District’s goal to provide our

students with a relevant and inspiring education which produces future-ready graduates in a

digital generation.

San Angelo ISD is planning a phased approach to device distribution to students and teachers

in order to provide thoughtful training and practices in each phase. The first phase of the

district program will begin with putting iPads into the hands of our high school teachers at

the end of July 2021 which will help familiarize them with the devices and ed-tech platforms

which will later become used by their students. The second phase will include distribution to

our middle school and elementary teachers and students. More information will be released

about each phase closer to the dates of distribution.

“Distributing iPads to our students and staff allows SAISD an opportunity to provide a digital

learning tool to access instructional resources which inspires our students to become

future-ready in the digital environment,” said Dr. Jana Rueter. “These iPad’s will provide our

students quality and dependable access to our teachers and instruction through our Learning

Management Systems and digital resources.”

We look forward to providing your students with learning experiences designed for their

superior talents with digital devices and connections.

To stay up-to-date on San Angelo ISD, please visit the SAISD website at and

follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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