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By: Reno Luna / Public Information Officer

The challenge involved in providing an excellent educational experience for the many, varied students

in our district is a challenge that requires dedication and creativity in the best of times. The year 2020,

however, was not the best of times.

The past year required an unusual combination of skills and talents from district leaders. Unexpected

circumstances resulted in changes in laws and regulations, and those statewide changes required

adaptability, quick problem solving, teamwork, and leadership at the district level.

Navigating through unfamiliar waters became a daily task, complicated by the differing opinions and

desires of various constituents. These uncertain and sometimes treacherous circumstances created

challenges for even the most seasoned among us. A steady hand on the rudder was absolutely required,

and that’s exactly what our SFDRCISD’s board has provided.

Our trustees came through when we needed them most this year, charting a course that has protected

our most vulnerable while ensuring that academic progress could continue for all students. It was a

daunting situation, but they navigated to success with unerring determination.

Board service is a volunteer effort, accepted by only a few in the community. It is a tough job with no

salary. It is a critically important job that requires an election and then mandated training. It is a

responsibility that takes time, a mature outlook, and careful decision-making.

School board members are the largest group of elected officials in the state, numbering more than 7,000

statewide. They are farmers, doctors, business owners, retirees, and young professionals. They are

people you see in the store, at the game, and in your neighborhood. They are often overlooked, but their

contributions cannot be overstated. They are shaping tomorrow.

“This month, we will join over a thousand school districts across the state of Texas in honoring our

school board for their service to the community and the classroom”, explained Dr. Carlos Rios,

superintendent of schools. “On behalf of our SFDR family, we want to personally thank Mr. Raymond

Meza, Mrs. Linda Guanajuato-Webb, Ms. Diana Gonzales, Mr. Joshua Overfelt, Ms. Amy Haynes, Mr.

Ken Smith and Mr. Fred Contreras for their leadership, guidance and relentless support this past year.

It’s important that we, along with Del Rio/Laughlin Air Force Base community, let them know that their

dedicated service is recognized and truly appreciated,” Rios said.

Join us in taking a moment to show our appreciation of the work our SFDRCISD Board are doing to help

our students by posting an appreciation sign at your home or place of business.

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