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Taking Care of the Concho Valley

Conexion San Angelo/ News Room

Lee Pipkin, Executive Director of Concho Valley Regional Food Bank spoke with Conexión about the food bank’s role in the community. Pipkin was the food bank director March 2001 – December 2008 but took on a new position as director of resources at the Food Bank Network then was in private business before returned to the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank.

“I am excited about coming back to the food bank, it gives me great joy,” commented Pipkin.

The food bank does not distribute to individuals. Distribution is spread out to 90 agencies like Rust Street Ministries, Project Dignidad and Wesley Soup Kitchen, just to name a few. These agencies then distribute to individuals. “San Angelo thinks there is no way there is that many hungry people in our 14-county coverage area,” commented Pipkin. In Texas 1 in every 4 school aged children suffer from food insecurity, this means that they may have enough food for today but long term they don’t know where their food will come from.

The Texas Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture provide the product to the food bank for distribution. “But we can’t do it without our local donors,” commented Pipkin. The San Antonio HEB also provides cosmetically damaged foods. In 2018 the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank distributed over 2.2 million pounds of food.

Food Banking started back in the late 70’s early 80’s when a gentleman that maintained a food pantry at St. Mary’s Church in Arizona went to local grocery stores and requested the damaged products be given to him and he would in turn distribute to people in need.

“We have a great group of donors throughout this community they donate food, time and financially. We couldn’t take care of the people of the Concho Valley without our donors,” concluded Pipkin.

For more information about the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank contact their office at 325-655-3231 or visit

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