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For: Paul Zimmerman

BOERNE, TX (May 2020) – Texas is home to over 500 graduating high school seniors living in foster care. Foster families are doing their best to overcome the crisis brought on by COVID-19 but they need more help. COVID-19 has impacted our entire country and child abuse cases have been shown to increase during times of disaster. May is also National Foster Care Month and a time to support each other and the most vulnerable members of our community. You may have seen within multiple social media channels “Adopting a Senior” to help the students through this unprecedented senior year. Many graduating foster youth will be forgotten since they do not have anyone to cheer them on and celebrate their accomplishments.

Adopt a 2020 Senior from Foster Care has set a goal to provide each graduating Texas foster care senior with at least $100 in gift cards and a brand-new high-quality backpack. This partnered initiative includes Miss Texas Outstanding Teen, Allie Graves - Operation PAL, who is also a former foster youth and Hunter Beaton - Day 1 Bags, a 19-year-old freshman who has provided over 30,000 bags and backpacks to foster youth since 2016 which he started from his own foster youth experience. This campaign lasts only 2 weeks and needs your help to ensure each of the 500 graduating seniors are celebrated.

For more information, including donation information, please visit at pg/2020AdoptSeniorsfromFosterCare/. @2020AdoptSeniorsfromFosterCare

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