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City Council Meeting

Conexión San Angelo/Newsroom

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS – The San Angelo City Council held their semi-monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 12, 2019. A proclamation, lease extension and digital sign approval were among other items on the agenda. 

Mayor Gunter recognized November as national Home Care and Hospice Month. The proclamation recognized how nurses, therapists and aides work tirelessly to provide professional and palliative care and support to Americans in need of health services. It also encouraged the community to learn more about home care and hospice services that are available in San Angelo. The community liaison for Interim Health Care accepted the proclamation and expressed her appreciation to San Angelo and the community for allowing them to provide hospice services.

John James, Director of Planning and Development Services presented an appeal to allow the static sign that was approved to change to a digital sign at Concho Collision & Auto Glass located at 1909 W. Beauregard Ave. James stated, “Staff recommended approval as long as there was no video or animation.” The council modified the motion for the image display to change every minute.

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