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Guiding Migrant Students

Conexion San Angelo Newsroom

The Association for Migrant Educators of Texas (AMET) held its “Migrant Today, Leader Tomorrow conference on November 6-8, 2019 at the San Antonio, TX Omni at the Colonnade. AMET is a non-profit organization that supports migrant educators to ensure that every migrant student in Texas has access to a quality education. Conexión had the opportunity to speak with Mary Castanuela, Education Specialist at Region 15 Education Center.

Migrant families have many barriers due to parents following the harvest within Texas or between Texas and another state. “We want to provide guidance and recourses to help them have more opportunities to be successful and to go post-secondary education,” commented Castanuela.

“The conference in San Antonio had 300 participants” stated Castanuela. As a non-profit any extra funds available go to scholarships, this year they were able to provide 12.

For more information about AMET please visit their website at

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