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It’s a Great Time to Be in San Angelo

The time continues to fly, and we are moving quickly into a very busy Fall. The election season is now in full swing and I am pleased to report that we, as a community, are setting records in terms of early voting. The Chamber of Commerce encourages everyone to be informed and to vote.

We are feeling a sense of returning to normalcy in many sectors. Our bars and entertainment venues are now open, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of our great San Angelo social life. We have also unfortunately seen an uptick in terms of our COVID infection rates and hospitalizations. The best way that we can ensure continued progress toward fully reopening is by adhering to our social distancing, hand washing, and mask-wearing protocols. It’s clear that we are at the tail end of this pandemic so let's all get together and support our local businesses by following the rules.

Our monthly luncheon for November will be back to full attendance capacity and we have a great program in store for you. We will be celebrating the great diversity that is San Angelo. We will also be recognizing individuals and businesses that embody and support diversity in our community. The event will be held at the McNeese Convention Center on November 10 at 11:30 AM. We won’t be taking payment at the door for this or any future luncheons so get your tickets early by going to our new and improved website,

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