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Pancho Villa played a part in building the depot of the Railway Museum of San Angelo over 100 years ago. The legendary general will speak for himself in the play “Arthur Stilwell’s Dream of Steam,” Sept. 8-11.

The performances tell about Stilwell, the man who put San Angelo on the map, and Villa, one of the most important people in the Mexican Revolution. It will include things people said about Villa and things he said about himself.

One of the legends was, “Pancho Villa can march 100 miles without stopping, live 100 days without food, go 100 nights without sleep and kill 100 men without remorse.” Before the fighting started, Villa himself said, “If it comes to revolution, no one will forget that Pancho Villa was loyal to the cause of the people.”

The new, original script of “Arthur Stilwell’s Dream of Steam” was written as a fundraiser for the Railway Museum and features local people bringing the famous characters to life.

Now you can be a part of San Angelo’s 1910 story with two performances a day Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a 2:30 p.m. matinee on Sunday. $25 per person includes champagne, treats and a new exhibit at the Railway Museum of San Angelo, 703 S. Chadbourne. The group rate is $20 per person for 8 or more reserving together and includes drinks and treats plus the NEW Stilwell exhibit!

For tickets go to or call 325-486-2140.

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