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Los Colores de Nuestro México

Conexion San Angelo/ Newsroom

Yuyi Morales, recently visited Abilene Texas, she is a writer, an illustrator, dreamer, creator and a very talented painter, who lives in San Francisco Bay. He visited us to show her artistic work.

In her paintings and drawings are reflected the traditional colors of Mexico, which many who live in the United States, feel that we have left behind. But like Yuyi says, we carry those colors in our blood, in our self-being.

“When I arrived in this country, I felt that I had left the colors of my homeland behind. I didn't have them with me anymore, ”Yuyi said. "When I started painting, creating images, it was when I found those colors again."

The artist says that every time she paints, those magical colors began to appear in each painting. As a way of saying, here I am, here they are, and one can identify with the Mexico I left behind, but that lives in me.

“I have got involved in radio programming, in telling the stories that I have written for children,” Yuyi said. "They had confidence in me, and I created for radio everything I had inside my heart."

Yuri said that the best thing that happened to her is be a Mother of a boy. That through her child all the other stories integrate.

“With my son I can share the stories I no longer had,” says Yuyi. "The stories our grandparents told us."

Yuyi talks that as an immigrant, of someone who have surpassed that life to be recognized national and international.

“Everything was finding me,” said Yuyi. “Everything was like a discovery. And that's how I navigated in learning through other people. ”

Yuyi is now a role model for many women of all races, thanks to the discovery, which has been what has marked her life as an artist.

As a message to the Latino community, Yuyi said that every story should be told, and each one is very valuable, and it must be respected. Together to grow.

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