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Mexican Consulate rolls out Big Family Fair

Conexión San Angelo newsroom, Jim Sánchez

Joanna Gómez, Mexican Consul in Del Rio is flanked by AMAS members which include: Caitlyn Rubalcava, Morgan Sánchez, Richie Benitez, and Joaquin Mares. The Consulate hosted its first Big Family Fair on Saturday, June 25, 2022 from 3- 7 p.m. at the Fort Concho Quartermaster Galleries.

SAN ANGELO – Mexican Consulate in Del Rio broaden its borders meaning rather than the customary mobile consulate that comes to town where people can set up an appointment to get their documents taken care of, “We wanted to expand our presence here as San Angelo is a big community which falls under our jurisdiction that encompasses 12 counties,” said Joanna Gómez. Vice Consul for Documentation, and Cultural Affairs with the Mexican Consulate.

The Consulate added a totally different twist when it rolled out the Big Family Fair with fun games, a cultural exhibit, a loteria (Mexican bingo), and a food truck selling Mexican food held on Saturday, June 25, 2022 near the Fort Concho Quartermaster Galleries.

The 2022 BFF, a collaborative effort between Del Rio Mexican Consul, Downtown San Angelo, Inc., and San Angelo Hispanic Heritage Museum and Cultural Center was specifically geared toward San Angelo which has the largest Hispanic group of Mexican origins stated Gómez.

San Angelo Mayor Gunter was asked how significant is it for two cities separated by 156 miles brought together to make the Consulate’s Fair a success for both in the long-term? “I think it is a great first effort, and I am excited to see them putting this event together. We need to continue to celebrate the Hispanic culture whether it’s food, music, etc. and its impact on our community. Hopefully this will be one of many to come.”

Gómez’ desire long-term is for the Family Fair to become an annual thing. “We are knocking on the door, and once they let us in, we are here to stay” she concluded.

Among the businesses and organizations to attend were Howard College, Angelo State University’s AMAS (Association of Mexican-American Students), Ventanilla de Salud, Classy & Sassy Mobile Boutique, 4 Brothers Taqueria, and The Secret Ingredient.

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