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My Name Is Jordan and I Need Your Help Finding My Killer

Officer Tracy Piatt-Fox, Public Information Officer

My name is Jordan Holden and I need your help finding the person who took my life.

In July 2008, some friends and I went to a house on East Harris Avenue to hang out. Shortly after we arrived we heard our friend, the homeowner, calling for help from inside.

As I went inside to help, someone shot me. My friend got shot in his leg. First responders transported me to the hospital, but it was too late. The gunshot proved fatal. I was only 22 when I died.

The preliminary investigation in 2008 revealed that my friends and I stumbled upon armed intruders.

My friend survived, and for that I am grateful, but my girlfriend was four months pregnant with our son when I died. Not only did the killer take my life but he stole my son’s right to grow up with a loving father. My son will grow up knowing that his dad missed his first steps, his first bike ride, games, graduations, and all the other important milestones a dad should be present for. I can only hope that my son knows I have been watching over him from here.

There are new investigators looking into my case and they need your help bringing my killer to justice. You can help by sharing this plea and by asking your friends and family to share it, too. Sharing it just may lead to a break in the case, which would bring some closure to my family. Can you help?

If you have information about the suspect’s identity or whereabouts, please contact the San Angelo Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division at (325) 657-4264. To remain anonymous, tip online at or by text: text TIP SAPD to 888777 and follow the prompts.

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