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Preserving History

Conexion Del Rio

Carmen Gutierrez, former Los Amigos Vice President opened the ceremony that re dedicated Cementerio Loma de la Cruz, which took place on June 20th at Cementerio Loma de la Cruz. She shared some of the location’s history, stating that the cemetery has been known by several names, today it is known as Cementerio Loma de la Cruz and is documented as such in the Texas Historical Commission book of records.

“This is indeed a glorious day for Los Amigos del Cementerio Loma de la Cruz because it is a culmination of much hard work, devotion, dedication and perseverance by Los Amigos and Commissioner Martin Wardlaw and his work crew in restoring the cemetery to it this condition,” said Gutierrez

Over the years there have been some renovations made to the cemetery, including installing a chain link fence and a decorative rock entrance with a gate. In 1981 a monument made of granite was dedicated to the memory of all the people buried at the Cementerio Loma de la Cruz, those whose gravestones are known and those who are known to God. The cemetery was dormant for 15 years when Diana Zertuche, submitted the appropriate request to the Secretary of State to continue renovations. Six years ago, to the date, Diana passed away, but the work has continued.

Mayor Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano, “This is an important historical moment, it is important that I continue to advocate the transmission of history to our future generations.” The County Judge read from the Proclamation that was made on June 10th, “We the Commissioners Court of Val Verde County Texas on behalf of the people of Val Verde County hereby wish to honor the efforts to preserve and restore the Loma de la Cruz Cemetery between Los Amigos del Cementerio Loma Alta de la Cruz and Commissioner Wardlaw, Val Verde Commissioner Precinct 1,” concluded Lewis G. Owens, Jr, County Judge.

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