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By Molly Johnson,

Director of Community Relations

San Angelo Independent School District

• Secondary Survey Results:

o 91% of students accomplished their learning activities in under 20 hours

o 75% of students reported activities to be easy to understand and complete

o 87% were able to get help from their teachers quickly and easily

o 87% of parents reported their students were able to connect with their teacher easily

o 70% of parents reported their student was able to complete their learning activities with little or no support from parents

• Elementary Update:

o Surveys went out to parents and students on Monday, April 13th

o Feedback provided directly to campuses indicate high levels of success with virtual learning

• If your students have not connected with their campus or teacher, please call your student’s campus directly for assistance.


• 43,960 total grab and go meals served

• Averaging 9.600 total grab and go meals served per week

• Our Child Nutrition team is serving grab-and-go meals to all students in the San Angelo area, even if they are not students within our district

• Child Nutrition is serving meals Monday - Friday at 5 campuses from 11 am - 12:30 pm, the grab and go meals include lunch and a snack which could be used for breakfast


• 316 students have accessed WiFi through buses last week, 905 students total

• 104 Internet HotSpots, including those donated by the SAPD, have been delivered to students in need of WiFi access

• 150 Internet HotSpots received this week and are being prepared for distribution

• 23 buses with WiFi access are located throughout the San Angelo Area Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

• Students can also access WiFi from any SAISD campus

• Parents can contact their student’s campus to discuss access to needed devices and internet access


• 3,800 devices distributed to our students

• Parents can contact their student’s campus to discuss access to needed devices and internet Access.

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