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Fiscal Responsibility

Conexion San Angelo/Newsroom

San Angelo, Texas – According to Daniel Valenzuela who is the San Angelo City Manager, when the time comes for budgeting, it is important for all members of the City Council to work together to allocate funds that work for the needs of the City.

Valenzuela speaks about to be responsible when the time comes for the City to adopt a budget and get audited for it.

“This allows to provide services very efficiently,” said the City Manager. “When we see our reserves grow on a yearly basis, is because fiscal responsibility.”

Valenzuela says that the City always monitor its expenditures and knowing what the accomplishments would be including what the priorities are.

Manager Valenzuela also answers on how Covid-19 has affected City Hall business.

“We know that Covid-19 has affected all of us,” said the City Manager. “That’s why we need to be conservative on how we budget. It’s also difficult to project for a 2021 budget because this is the first time, we Mr. Valenzuela was named City of San Angelo Manager in 2012 and among his achievements are his efforts to secure more water, street improvements and others infrastructure. His main function is to serve as the chief executive officer for the City’s municipal government and is the staff liaison to the City Council.

“I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve the community,” said Valenzuela. “I have always worked toward goals that would improve the situation whether is structure needs or law enforcement to come out with successful solutions.”


Responsabilidad fiscal

Sala de prensa / Conexion San Ángelo

San Ángelo, Texas – Según el Sr. Daniel Valenzuela, Gerente de la Ciudad de San Ángelo, cuando llega el momento de presupuestar, es importante que todos los miembros del Consejo de la Ciudad trabajen juntos para asignar fondos que cubran las necesidades de la Ciudad.

Valenzuela habla de ser responsable cuando llegue el momento de que la Ciudad adopte un presupuesto y sea auditado.

"Esto permite proporcionar servicios de manera muy eficiente", dijo el administrador de la ciudad. "Cuando vemos que nuestras reservas crecen anualmente, es debido a la responsabilidad fiscal".

Valenzuela dice que la Ciudad siempre controla sus gastos y sabe cuáles serían los logros, incluidas las prioridades.

El administrador, Valenzuela también responde sobre cómo Covid-19 ha afectado a los negocios del Ayuntamiento.

"Sabemos que Covid-19 nos ha afectado a todos", dijo el administrador de la ciudad. "Es por eso que debemos ser conservadores en la forma en que presupuestamos. También es difícil proyectar un presupuesto para 2021 porque es la primera vez que enfrentamos una crisis de salud como ésta".

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