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ADACCV declared April as Alcohol Awareness Month.

ADACCV together with the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism declared April as Alcohol Awareness Month. They encourage the public to evaluate their drinking habits, learn about how alcohol can cause health and social disorders as well as discover the latest developments and treatments for alcohol abuse. Statistics show that 47% of those that begin drinking before the age of 14 experience dependence at some point. The percentage lowers to 9% for those who begin consuming alcohol at the age of 21 or older. “We encourage the public to step up and educate our youth on the importance of staying alcohol free” stated the spokesperson for ADACCV.

According to the Texas Department of Public Transportation alcohol related crashes are 100% preventable. There are so many safe alternatives to getting behind the wheel. Mona Lisa Didelot, Traffic Safety Specialist with TXDOT stated “plan ahead for a sober ride, remember someone is expecting you home each evening, don’t disappoint them”.

“Alcoholism is a disease that unfortunately doesn’t only affect the persona diagnosed” stated Sergeant Baker from TXDOT. Annually over 10,000 lives are lost due to alcohol related crashes. Last year Texas had over 20,000 DWI arrests. Voluntary compliance by having a plan and sticking with the plan, when people are out, will help the efforts. TXDOT encourages the public to know the signs of alcoholism and please get help.

As the 119th District Attorney, John Best has seen first hand the devasting effects of alcohol and substance abuse on individuals and on families. He states, “in the felony cases we process, whether it be a crime against a child, domestic violence or property crimes, alcohol is often at the root”. John would like to thank Eric Sanchez and his staff at ADACCV for their efforts in bringing the new Journey Recovery Center to San Angelo. He also encourages the public to be vigilant in dealing with alcohol and substance abuse to seek help and call ADACCV.

Tracy Piatt-Fox, from the San Angelo Police Department stated, “the majority people arrested for public intoxication have a problem and need help for their addition”. She expressed her gratitude towards ADACCV saying, “the center is answer to a prayer from law enforcement prospective”.

“ADACCV is here to save lives and create a healthier community” stated Eric Sanchez, CEO of ADACCV. The staff care about the clients and are compassionate. Eric said “we can see hope in clients receiving treatment, getting their lives back” ADACCV thanks the public, TXDOT and the San Angelo Police Department for partnering with them. Anyone needing help is encouraged to contact ADACCV 24/7 at 1-800-880-9641

Keith Muncey from the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office read the proclamation, stating “ Alcohol is the primary factor in deaths of people 10 – 21 years old and 100,000 people die each year due to alcohol related causes” Because of these and other reasons ADACCV asks the residents of the Concho Valley to join them in recognizing April as alcohol awareness month.

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