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ASU President fulfills three challenges.

Gregorio Gutiérrez, Jim Sánchez, Conexión San Ángelo.

SAN ANGELO –When Angelo State University President, Dr. Bryan May, came aboard as the new president of the university, he faced three challenges. First “to grow the enrollment” “Second, to increase the amount that is donated to the university from private funds” “And the third leg was to add new programs.”

Dr. May wasted no time in meeting those challenges head-on as he rolled up his sleeves and started with the first barrier—enrollment that was overcome as ASU now has over 10,000 students at the university.

As for the second part, private funds. “We are now averaging about $20 million dollars a year” said Dr. May who is also quick to point out that all the credit for enrollment and private donations goes to his vice presidents and staff. “They work very hard, plus all the university employees who do a great job” he said. The final leg that was addressed was the addition of new programs. This third challenge consisted of getting approval not only from the board of regents but also state government; and the state accredited agencies.

In concluding the interview, Dr. May stated that the most impactful added program was Engineering. “We were able to garner a lot of support in donations to get that started, of which $10 million was raised. “Now we have both civil and mechanical engineering, in cooperation with Southwest Texas Junior College, Eagle Pass, Campus. Dr. May was also excited that many of the students from the engineering program are coming from the along the border. Last December, Dr. May stated ASU graduated their first five engineers from that program. “I’m proud of that accomplishment as it bodes well for the University and for West Texas, concluded May.

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