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Bell Street Bridge Damage Assessment Complete

By: Karen Threlkeld

SAN ANGELO - TxDOT officials have evaluated the findings of the Bell Street Bridge inspection that was completed Monday, and determined that the damage was contained to an 11- foot wide section on either side of the bridge. The bridge was determined to be structurally sound and safe.

Built in 2000, the Bell Street Bridge will need to have the damaged parts removed and replaced.

In the meantime, TxDOT will open the center two lanes of the bridge today allowing for one lane travel in each direction along Bell Street. On the westbound lanes of US 67 in this area, the left lane will be opened for travel. The entrance ramp at Smith Blvd. will remain closed indefinitely until the damaged portion of the bridge can be removed. Periodic adjustments to traffic flow will be required in the coming months as the demolition of the damaged areas progresses.

An oversized load struck the bridge on May 12.

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