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Department of Justice and FBI Investigate of defraud to SFDR CISD

Department of Justice and FBI Obtain Indictment in Scheme to Steal Millions from San Felipe Del Rio CISD

Reno Luna/Public Information Officer

San Felipe Del Rio C.I.S.D.

Conexión Del Rio/Newsroom

Del Rio, Texas – The San Felipe Del Rio CISD was informed that the U.S. Attorney’s Office and FBI Special Agents were able to secure a federal grand jury indictment in a scheme to defraud the District of over $2 million. Due to the prompt action taken by the District and law enforcement, the Government has also been able to identify and seek forfeiture on over $1.5 million that we believe belongs to the District.

We applaud the proficient and immediate work of the FBI working with the District and support their continuing investigation. We also want to thank the U.S. Attorney’s Office and FBI Special Agents involved for their work, as well as the grand jury’s work thus far in protecting the District and our community.

Following an event in which a portion of the District’s technology network system was attacked by malware, the district learned that funds intended as payments to a bank for the district’s debt service were electronically transferred via ACH (Automatic Clearing House) to a fraudulent account. District authorities immediately reported the incident to local law enforcement and the FBI.

The District has proactively filed claims with the FBI and the federal court to seek recovery of its monies and is hopeful for a recovery of a majority of the monies stolen.

Superintendent Dr. Carlos Rios stated, “Unfortunately, fraudulent schemes like this have become common with other organizations and school districts targeted across the State and nation. We are extremely grateful for the prompt action taken by FBI investigators, and law enforcement agencies that collaborated with the FBI.”

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