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Levesque exalts the Lord through dance

Conexión San Angelo newsroom, Jim Sánchez

Meg Levesque’s Lift Dance Studio classes start on Monday, August 22, 2022. Meg’s student, six-year-old Liliana Arvelo, daughter of Keila signed up for Jr. Ballet.

SAN ANGELO – Although Miss Meg Levesque’s business, Lift Dance Studio is only into its third year, Meg’s future success is founded upon a spiritual foundation.

The name of the business was made crystal clear one day when she was reading her study bible and came across the scripture reference, “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall LIFT you up” (James 4:10, KJV).

Meg said the word lift which was in bold caps was the springboard in 2020 to launch out in faith. That word lift in the English Standard Version means exalt. Meg’s spiritual life has always been about lifting up the Lord. In turn, the Lord said in his word He would lift, exalt her. That is also what makes Lift unique from other dance studios. It is Christian-based with prayer incorporated before the start of the class sessions.

Meg, what is the difference between your first year and now in what you have learned about yourself? “I have more confidence in how I want to do things compared to the first year”

Levesque is still learning the ropes on the professional business side. But when it comes to the 15 classes she offers, ranging from ballet to hip hop, jazz, etc., she is proficient in all them.

Your website says, “We're elevating life through dance,” how so? “There is more to dance than just learn the steps. . . with dancing comes confidence, it increases memory, and dancing actually makes people happier,” said Levesque.

Meg keeps the classes small which allows her to give each student who is uniquely different, her personal attention. She emphasizes the positives in each child being themselves with no pressure or expectations.” Just do your best while being you.”

For info on the 15 classes offered, call 325-234-4687. Or email her, The website address: The studio is located at 418 N. Van Buren St.

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