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“Little Hats Big Hearts” recognized for big-hearted effort

Jim Sanchez, Conexion San Angelo

SAN ANGELO – In Dr. Michael Blanc’s brief remarks at this afternoon’s 4th annual, “Little Hats Big Hearts” press conference, he stated that the way research on birth defects for babies is paid for is through community efforts and people making donations to the American Heart Association. “Part of that donation is in giving time.” “And there is no one who has given more time to this effort than the person I am going to introduce now, Nancy Rink Johnson.” The “LBHBH” took place in the Williams Family Center.

After Johnson addressed the San Angelo Community Medical Center, staff personnel and attendees, she was awarded a plaque by Lisa Thompson, affiliate development consultant of American Heart Association; and the project coordinator for “Little Hats Big Hearts” Johnson made sure to get her “yarn Junkie” ladies and others who came with her to take a group picture. She also acknowledged that they were the ones who did all the hard work.

“We had 200,000 red, knitted beanie hats donated from across the country last year.” For this year, AHA/ LBHBH’s project coordinator, Thompson, believes it will double in numbers due to the larger metropolitan communities as it has continued to grow, exponentially.

Other key SACMC officials in attendance besides Dr. Blanc, cardiologist at Community Medical Associates, were CEO, Buddy Daniels, who presented a basketful of 150 red, beanie hats to SACMC’s nursery.

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