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Mayor Brenda Gunter has received the endorsement of the San Angelo HomeBuilders Association

Stephen McLaughlin

Mclaughlin Advertising

From the HBA office: “The Home Builders Association of San Angelo is proudly endorsing Mayor Brenda Gunter for re-election. She has been an incredible proponent for the building industry and promoting growth within our city. She has implemented numerous initiatives, including the Development Task Force and the in-fill program, that has helped strengthen building in San Angelo. She has been there with a common-sense approach to dealing with the growing pains our industry has faced as they have arisen. Mayor Brenda Gunter has the experience and expertise to

continue leading San Angelo in this next season of growth and the reason she is the HBA’s choice for Mayor.”

This is the first time the local HBA has ever endorsed a political candidate. Significantly, Gunter’s emphasis when she ran for her first term was a pro-business “Cut the Red Tape” campaign. This year’s re-election campaign sees her focused on success with ongoing economic development efforts like her “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” initiatives, and how they serve as an engine to bring new business and increase the tax base to fund infrastructure needs without the need to borrow or raise taxes.

Gunter states, “I am very proud to receive this endorsement. The members of the HBA are the people who literally build San Angelo’s future. To have their support and encouragement means a lot to me personally as we continue all the important work, we are doing to not only benefit our citizens today but lay the foundations for a future of continued


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