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Memorial Project honors Buffalo Soldiers

Conexión San Angelo, newsroom

Photo courtesy of KFW

Kinney Franke Architects AIA was hired to design the architectural work on the Buffalo Soldier Memorial.

SAN ANGELO – San Angela’s early growth and success in 1866 had a lot to do with African Americans who served in a unit called Buffalo Soldiers who were enlisted in the 10th Calvary, and assigned to Fort Concho in 1867. It was reported that the Comanche bestowed the name of an animal they revered, the buffalo, on the men of the 10th Cavalry because they were impressed with their toughness in battle. The Soldiers also were instrumental in the development of the fort while also protecting the borders of Texas.

Their historical contributions were significant enough that 150 years later, San Angelo Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP, Unit 6219)’s President, Sherley L. Spears, created the Buffalo Soldier Memorial that will eventually place 8, 10-foot monuments located on the west side of the Paseo de Santa Angela Park to finally honor the legacy of those courageous men.

“The City of San Angelo has already approved the architectural design, and the location where the monuments will be built. The preliminary work started in March at a cost of $300,000 already raised, is expected to be completed by early summer 2023. “Once the monuments are in place, people will see for themselves the historical significance of what these regiments contributed to the community.” Another contribution by the Buffalo Soldiers is that many of them also served as national park rangers, concluded Spears.

San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter and the City Council on July 19, 2022 proclaimed July 28-30, 2022 as National Buffalo Solider Day Weekend. Spears and other members of the local NAACP chapter accepted the proclamation.

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