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Parade greeted by Perfect weather

Jim Sánchez, Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – It was a perfect, cloudy day with just the right temperatures to have a parade come to town as families from across the community turned out for the 87th annual San Angelo Parade.

Over the weekend, Saturday, February 2, families lined up and down the street of W. Concho where it originated to see 100 parade entries. The participants ranged from floats to wagon/buggy, antique vehicles, marching bands, Tex Anns and riders.

Leading the way at the front was San Angelo City Mayor, Brenda Gunter, and City officials. Other Rodeo groups in attendance were of course, the 10 females who comprised the San Angelo Ambassadors, Goodfellow AFB 17th Wing Vice Wing Commander, Colonel, Robert Ramirez, Concho Valley Vietnam Veterans, etc. And, H.E.B. entered a huge grocery basket with store employees and its’ General Manager, Lynn Shipley on board.

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