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Shannon Trail Series: first one at Concho Middle Park.

Shannon Trail Series: first one at Concho Middle Park

SAN ANGELO – For all the trial race rookies, the No. 1 safety tip that was given prior to the start of Saturday morning’s 8 O’ clock start of the 12th annual Shannon Trail Series was, “pickup your feet.” Since the race course was very muddy due to the rain that fell the night before, racers were informed not to expect a personal best because of uneven footing and being slippery. Just have a fun race, go slow and take it easy for safety’s sake.

The Shannon Trail Series, sponsored by the Shannon Medical Center, put on by the non-profit organization "San Angelo Road Lizards” was hosted by coordinators, Dennis Hall and Chris Boyce. The first race of the three-trail series was held at Middle Concho Park, located off of Red Bluff Road.

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