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Silver Dust Band rocks on at Concho Pearl

Conexión San Ángelo newsroom, Jim Sánchez

The Silver Dust Band is composed of Silvara Lawson, Dustin Lawson, JD Boon, Aaron Rodriguez, and Josh Trevizo. Silver Dust performed at an after-party held at the Concho Pearl Icehouse on Saturday, March 27, 2021.

SAN ANGELO – While the Silver Dust Band has only been together for four years, it has built up a fanbase that appreciates their “rock-and-roll” style and its lead singer, Silvara Lawson.

Lawson and drummer Dustin, who is also her husband, formed the five-member group in 2017. The other band members are: JD Boon, bass guitarist; Aaron Rodriguez, lead/rhythm; and guitarist Josh Trevizo, lead/rhythm guitar.

Silver Dust made an after-party appearance on Saturday night, March 27, 2021, at the Concho Pearl Icehouse, 1605 S. Chadbourne.

Among some of the cover songs performed were: 1985’s “Your Love” by The Outfield, “I want to Come Over” by Melissa Etheridge, and Bryan Adams' “Summer of ’69.”

Silver Dust Band se luce en Concho Pearl

Sala de redacción Conexión San Ángelo, Jim Sánchez

Silver Dust Band está compuesta por Silvara Lawson, Dustin Lawson, JD Boon, Aaron Rodríguez y Josh Trevizo. Silver Dust actuó en Concho Pearl Icehouse el sábado 27 de marzo de 2021.

SAN ÁNGELO - Si bien Silver Dust Band sólo ha tocado por cuatro años, la agrupación ha generado una leal audiencia que aprecia su estilo de "rock-and-roll" y a su cantante Silvara Lawson.

Lawson y el baterista Dustin, quien es su esposo, formaron el grupo de cinco miembros en 2017. Los otros miembros de la banda son: JD Boon, bajista; Aaron Rodríguez, líder / ritmo; y el guitarrista Josh Trevizo, guitarra principal / rítmica.

Silver Dust se presentó después de la fiesta el sábado por la noche, 27 de marzo de 2021, en Concho Pearl Icehouse, 1605 S. Chadbourne.

Entre algunas de las versiones interpretadas se encuentran: "Your Love" de 1985 de The Outfield, "I want to Come Over" de Melissa Etheridge y "Summer of '69" de Bryan Adams.

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