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The Wound Care Center Celebrates 15 years

The wound care center at San Angelo Community Medical Center celebrated its 15-year anniversary on Tuesday, June 2. Hospital and department staff, as well as former patients, attended the celebration. Dr. Samuel Kasberg, the center’s medical director has been the head of the wound care team since it opened.

Kasberg, originally from Odessa, Texas came to San Angelo in 1969. He graduated from Central High School, attended ASU, then obtained his medical degree from Texas Tech. He had previous hyperbaric knowledge and experience when he took the reins of the wound care center. Surgical, venous and diabetic wounds are some of the types of issues that the center deals with. “I am happy to be able to serve San Angelo, and we are proud to be able to provide the service,” commented Kasberg.

Dr. Kyle Mills is a new addition to the wound care center, also from San Angelo, he graduated from Central High School in 2006, attended ASU then went on to UNT for his medical education. Mills was very excited to come home to San Angelo and work with Dr. Kasberg. “I am so appreciative of his patience and time, I learned a lot in medical school and in my residency, but it can’t replace the hands-on knowledge that he can relay to me,” stated Mills.

The wound care department at San Angelo Community Medical Center is an Accredited Wound Care and Hyperbaric Services Center by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.

Dr. Kasberg encourages the community to watch their blood sugar, as they see several patients that need wound care for this reason.

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