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70 Years of Existence

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Hector Guzman, Director of the San Angelo Symphony spoke to Conexión about the symphony’s 70th anniversary. “70 years of existence of an institution like a symphony is thanks to persistence and generosity of a lot of people,” commented Guzman.

“This season we are celebrating with a diversity of music all that the symphony is and all that we do,” stated Guzman. On Saturday, October 5th the symphony will host the Dallas String Quartet Electric for a season-opening performance at the Murphy Auditorium at 7p.m. The music provided by this group will be on both traditional and electric strings.

At 5:30 before the concert, there will be a reception for sponsors and contributors to the symphony.

For more information about the San Angelo Symphony season line up and tickets visit their website at

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