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Class of 2021 SAFD Graduates Eight

Conexión San Angelo newsroom, Jim Sánchez

Eight San Angelo Fire Department recruits officially became Firefighters on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Fire Chief Brian Dunn and his staff held a 4 p.m. graduation ceremony at the McNease Convention Center. SAN ANGELO – After eight cadets were pinned by their relatives with their badges, San Angelo Fire Department Assistant Chief, Patrick Brody closed the ceremony with some brief inspirational remarks to family, friends and to the new firefighters.

“People won’t remember how much brass you had on your collar. What they will remember is how kind you were to them. Let your servants’ towel be bigger than your ego. Meaning we are civil servants called to serve God, your community, serve your family, and serve your brothers [fellow firefighters.]”

The ringing of the fire service bell, a time-honored tradition was also used to tap out the signal 424, signifying the cadet class of 2021 in service from status of recruit to San Angelo Firefighters.

The eight firefighter graduates included:

  • Alfred Rios

  • Casey Scruggs

  • Tyler Lassiter

  • Clay Daniel

  • Aubrey Woehl

  • Landon Meek

  • Zachary Crooks

  • Ian Mayne

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