By: Reno Luna / Public Information Officer

San Felipe Independent School District and the Del Rio Middle School staff are deeply

saddened by the loss of one of their beloved mathematics teachers, Mr. Manuel A. Navarro.

Serving eight years with the District, Mr. Navarro is remembered for his dedication and passion

for teaching.

During his tenure, Mr. Navarro’s special gift was his creative ability to teach regular and

advanced-level math courses. But his natural zeal for teaching was best reflected in his work

with English language learners. During these past few months, Mr. Navarro dedicated his time

to teaching his students online. He also loved meeting with his departmental colleagues and

continuously encouraged their devotion to teaching middle school students. Even amid his

recent illness, Mr. Navarro would insist on preparing lessons, grading papers, submitting

progress reports, and staying abreast of the needs of his students.

Mr. Jorge Jurado, 7th Grade Del Rio Middle School Principal, expressed his condolences

stating, “The DRMS family is forever grateful for Mr. Navarro’s unwavering commitment to his

profession and love he had towards his students, colleagues, and our community. We will

forever cherish the legacy he leaves behind.”

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