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Charter Review Committee discusses Elected, Appointed COP

Conexion San Angelo newsroom

Mr. Allen Gilbert, and Mr. Ronald “JJ” Graham on the Charter Review Committee, held a Town Hall meeting to discuss with the public its findings with regard to SAPD Police Chief position.

SAN ANGELO – The Charter Review seven-member Committee, among them: Mr. Allen Gilbert, and Mr. Ronald “JJ” Graham held a 6 p.m. Town Hall Meeting on Monday, November 14, 2022 to discuss, clarify and inform the public on research findings from the Committee with regard to Police Chief position when it comes to elected vs appointed issue.

Mr. Gilbert stated he, Mr. Graham, and his fellow members comprised of Mark Lack, David Howard, Kandi Pool, Billie DeWitt, and Jeff Curry will meet again in December and vote to decide what the Committee will recommend that will give both it and the San Angelo City staff and attorneys time for them to come up with the proper written documents.

“There are three options on the table with regard to Elected position. The first one was no changes, leave it as an elected position. The second one was to make changes in the qualifications. And, third, change from elected to appointed by the city manager,” said Gilbert.

A final recommendation will be made to the City Council in January 2023. This would then allow for a potential May 2023 ballot item if directed by City Council.

Gilbert said the Committee researched everything that dealt with Chief of Police. A particular one reviewed was sections 60-64 of the City Charter which tells the qualifications of the Chief.

Interestingly there is no provision in state law for an elected Chief of Police through the State of Texas. “That comes through the charter by individual cities which allows them to do that,” said Gilbert. Currently San Angelo is the only city in the State of Texas with an elected police chief.

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