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May 6th Proclaimed SAISD Difference Maker Day in San Angelo to Honor Public Education Employees

Communications Department

Mayor Brenda Gunter and the San Angelo City Council issued an official proclamation

Tuesday morning designating this Friday, May 6, 2022 as “SAISD Difference Maker Day” in

San Angelo in celebration, and appreciation, of the impact of the committed teachers and

staff of our district. The proclamation formalized a special day of honor and recognition of

our over 2,000 SAISD staff who make a difference in the lives of nearly 14,000 children every

day, supporting the future of our community and nation.

Mayor Gunter, the City Council, SAISD Superintendent Dr. Dethloff, SAISD Board of Trustees

President Max Parker and Vice President Bill Dendle, and administrators came together to

honor SAISD staff for the proclamation. A standing ovation by the crowd in attendance

followed in appreciation of all public education teachers and staff.

In the proclamation, Mayor Gunter said, “Their impact happens from the moment a child

steps on a bus, walks through the school door, is fed a nourishing breakfast, and throughout

the day until the last bell, and beyond…,” and went on to say, “These graduates may one day

care for your loved ones… or go on to teach the next generation of San Angeloans.”

SAISD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Professional Learning Dr. Farrah

Gomez added appreciation of all SAISD staff and said, “These difference makers guide,

support, nurture, and grow our future leaders, and greatest investment each day.”

Dr. Dethloff then emphasized the value of partnerships in our city and county like the

Chamber, city officials, and Goodfellow Air Force Base in concert with education. He thanked

them all for contributing to the success of our SAISD educators, staff and district.

SAISD representatives invited all community members to join in celebrating the special day

this Friday, May 6th by thanking a teacher, a bus driver, a child nutrition worker or any of the

SAISD Difference Makers. Community members can download the attached image to share

on social media to show your own message of support and gratitude. Follow the San Angelo

ISD Facebook, Twitter, and website,, for related updates to see how we

celebrate and honor our SAISD Difference Makers, and to stay up-to-date on San Angelo ISD

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