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Medeles, coaches in kids’ corner

Conexion San Angelo newsroom, Jim Sánchez

Javier Medeles, founder of San Angelo Boxing Club train their group at Angelo MMA, located at 1602 N. Chadbourne St. Angelo MMA is owned by Karla Cardenas. SAN ANGELO – Javier Medeles’ philosophy in boxing is similar to life. When kids and older ones sign up for his San Angelo Boxing program, he doesn’t promise to make them champions. But one thing he promises with his coaches’ help, they will do everything in their power to produce winners in the ring, meaning compete for a shot at a belt. And just as important, teach them to be young men of character.

Medeles, his wife, Micah an official, and his other coach [Juan] have a combined 30 years in the “sweet science” of boxing. Coupled with their being in the ring at one time as young fighters, they know how to prepare their group to step into that “squared circle.”

What are some essential elements a young fighter needs to know to prepare for a fight?

One major component is mental toughness. It’s one thing to execute a jab or uppercut, quite another when the fighter gets knocked down by an opponent who wants to impose his will. “Every time you spar and hit that bag you train like you got an opponent in front of you.”

Another key is “you got to be willing to sacrifice a lot if you want to be a champion” he said.

The third element is to eat healthy--to follow a healthy eating pattern that includes a variety of nutritious foods and drinks.

Coach Javier’s commitment to his San Angelo Boxing group, ages eight to 20 years old, plus is twofold. First, “train them to the best of their ability.” The second one, he wants his group of fighters to know that his coaches are in their “corner.” Medeles made it clear, that it’s all about the kids.

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