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SCOTX Justices’ views differ, yet respectful

Conexión San Angelo newsroom, Jim Sánchez

Left-to-right: Texas Supreme Court Justice, Rebeca Huddle, Chief Justice, Debra Lehrmann, and Justice, Evan Young. The three Justices spoke at the Tom Green County Bar Association luncheon held at the Riverview Restaurant on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

SAN ANGELO – On the Texas Supreme Court there are eight associate justices and a Chief Justice for a total of nine. The Supreme Court of Texas (SCOTX) is the court of last resort for civil matters (including juvenile delinquency cases, which are categorized as civil under the Texas Family Code) in the U.S. state of Texas.

Justice Debra Lehrmann, Justice Rebeca Aizpuru Huddle, and Justice Evan A. Young were three of the nine who were invited as guests of the Tom Green County Bar Association for an informal discussion on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

Justice Lehrmann, the Chief Justice is the Court’s longest-serving woman Justice in Texas history with 35 years of judicial experience. As for Justice Huddle, she was appointed by Governor, Greg Abbott in October, 2020 while Justice Young is Gov. Abbott’s most recent appointee in November, 2021.

A myriad of questions was posed to all three Justices. Senior Justice, Lehrmann stated that the Texas Supreme Court Justices don’t always agree on everything or see “eye-to-eye” on issues. “[However], we work very well together to really try to get it right and listen to each other. “If I get stuck in my own mindset, and am not willing to listen to Justice Young’s point of view or argument, then that means that the law is not going to evolve in the way that it should” said Lerhmann.

The Chief Justice has always believed it is important that people know what goes on beyond closed doors between Justices in coming to an agreement, an understanding that brings about a decision in the best interest of the people for the common good, in concluding her remarks.

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